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Fashion Ad-dictive

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Ad-dictive is an active community with fashion advertisements and covers,old and new. The ads and covers are of high quality, so most posts are not dial-up friendly. This is a members only community, so you have to join. You have free posting access, so please follow the rules.

x Post images under a cut.
x Only post one single image outside the cut.
x With of the image outside the cut must only be 280pixels.
x Include: Brand, Model, Season & Year.
x Post all possible images for the ad campaign, we don't want missing pictures.
x Either state "Spring" or "Fall", not as "Spring/Summer" or "F/W".
x Don't mix ads, unless stated as a collection of the same label.
x No text only entries.
x Do not host images with photobucket. Use imageshack/supload etc.
x No Advertising for communties without permission. (Please contact a mod first)

This is how your post should look like, click Here